Megan Wood-Hill

Megan is passionate about dance and began callisthenics at the tender age of 3 in Karratha, 1976. She continued callisthenics for 15 years, teaching for two years and competed at the annual Western Australian state competitions as a team member and graceful girl soloist from 1980 to 1989, winning the intermediate championship title in 1987.

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Megan has studied jazz ballet since the age of 7 and dabbled in tap along the way. She was contracted for 6 months to perform in South Korea while on a study break when completing her Bachelor of Commerce Degree, and was later a member of the Valarie Heston School of Dance open troupe at the CSTD WA state competitions for tap and jazz when they were awarded the gold and bronze medals respectively in 1996.

Megan came to ballet at a relatively late age, (13 years) when she was invited by the local Karratha ballet teacher Patricia Farrar (who trained at the Royal Ballet School in London) to fill one of the principal roles in the ballet school’s production of Peter Pan (which included flying apparatus for the main characters) in the newly built Walkington Theatre. The high quality production attracted broad community patronage and sold out for 5 successive shows.

The romanticism of ballet captured Megan’s heart, and she continued to study ballet locally until the age of 17, working as an assistant teacher for two of these years and attending WAAPA summer schools in 1988 and 1989. She left her home town as a Rotary exchange student for 12 months in Japan. During this time she studied traditional Japanese Dance under the instruction of Yokobori San and was the only ‘foreigner’ to perform a solo at the esteemed Kanagawa Prefecture Annual Performance in Yokohama in 1991.

Megan returned to Australia to live in Perth and study Commerce at Murdoch University. During her 8 years in Perth she continued to study jazz ballet and ballet at the Dance Workshop and was introduced to Flamenco, performing at annual Soiree’s. Her qualitative market research career took her to Melbourne where she continued to dance with regular advanced jazz ballet and ballet classes at the Dance Factory and realised the benefits of committed practise of Ashtanga Yoga and Pilates.

Megan and her husband came to Karratha in 2008 while she was on maternity leave. Establishing TWH Plumbing, and with extended family still in town, they decided to purchase a home. Megan quickly involved herself in the local community and with the organisation of events such as the Teddy Bears’ Picnic. She was the Event Manager for the very first Pilbara Play Day in 2009, establishing a relationship with Play School performers to convince them to come to Karratha and perform for local children.

The opportunity to reconnect with ballet came with the establishment of Terre Rouge in 2010. Megan was contracted to teach classes to the tiny tots, Pre-Primary, Primary and Majors (RAD Intermediate), successfully preparing them for their first concert and exams. Megan independently established Ovation Performance Company in 2010 and continued to teach Majors. With the assistance of Michael Leslie, Megan created the first local ‘boys only’ ballet class.

Megan taught with local dance school, Deck Arts, for three terms in 2011 and was instrumental in the success of their first Showcase. During this time Megan taught Tippy Toes Ballet, 12-15 year old Jazz and Ballet and Senior Jazz and Ballet. Megan also provided private tuition to an Intermediate RAD student preparing for her Intermediate RAD exam and worked alongside highly respected Perth based RAD Grades Examiner Suzanne Arrigo, to optimise her students’ success.

To formalize her experience and expand her knowledge, Megan applied for and was accepted into the internationally recognized Royal Academy of Dance Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (RAD CBTS) in 2012.  Megan completed her first year assessment and received 99% for her ballet knowledge, and is due for registration at the conclusion of 2013.  For Megan, ballet is the foundation of all dance, and essential for dance students with an eye on a career.   Megan is committed to RAD’s professional development program and continues to attend RAD courses at every opportunity including:

  • RAD Grades 6-8 Teachers Course (Melbourne) – January 2013
  • RAD New Grades 1-3 Teaching Workshops (3 days) with Ms Marie Walton-Mahon (National College of Dance) – April 2012
  • Pre-Primary and Primary in Dance (2011);
  • The New Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate Syllabus (2011); and
  • Autumn Vocational School (2010).

At every opportunity Megan continues to participate in professional development workshops and master classes including:

  • Modern Jazz Ballet workshop with Sermsah Suri (So You Think You Can Dance) – 2010
  • ‘Rock the Ballet’ Master Class – 2010
  • Contemporary Dance Workshops with Bernadette Sene-Warlong (formerly Bangara Dance Theatre) – 2010
  • Contemporary Dance Workshops with Danielle Micich – 2011
  • Western Australian Ballet Master Class – 2011
  • STRUT Dance (Professional Dance Class – Contemporary) – 2011
  • RAD Vocational Spring School in Perth – April 2012